How to adjust default PHP-FPM settings


Currently i am manually adjusting pm.max_children at /etc/php/7.4/fpm/pool.d/domain.conf
The default value of pm.max_children is 8. How do i change this default value so any newly created domains or subdomains will inherit this value.

I hope this doesn’t make any difference. We have only one user on server and all the sub domains are added as domains to this user.

i would also like to find what is the optimal value for pm.max_children based on my configuration. I have 64 GB RAM and E3 processor with an SSD. There would be 200 to 300 users who login to chamilo LMS within 3 minutes interval. Like this we have 4 sub domains. Currently i am setting pm.max_children as 50. After login they will be redirected to another server from dashboard.

This is a new server which i am still setting up, so there is no way to find apache memory usage, i would just like to know what would be the best value and any settings i need to change.

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