How to auto renew webmail SSL?

my domain name hosted on Server A (website)
Email Server ( and hosted on Server B

Seem’s Webmail SSL not auto renew on Server B.
i have to renew every three month by hand on
untick checkbox
Mail- > Mail domain → Enable SSL for this domain
Mail- > Mail domain → Use Lets Encrypt to obtain SSL certificate

and tick checkbox again . it’s works, just need do that every three month
any idea can setup auto renew?

Check if the v-update-ssl cronjob runs on a daily basis on “server b”

Thanks your reply

look’s cron job running good

am i done something stupid ?

I create a web with, this SSL seem can auto renew every three month


sorry my poor description.
for Web
can renew no problem. and did it similar file

for mail /home/admin/conf/mail/
can’t auto renew.
expired documents similar file (created at three month ago)

You don’t need to add to web domain. ( I think it will even causing to break it)

If you request a SSL for mail domains it should update the nginx by default

Maybe hestia could warn the user if it tries to configure such subdomains to prevent this situations.

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but how to set up hestia CP admin using SSL on

i created for create SSL and using for hestia CP
i think that’s why i did that long time ago

Use a different hostname is the easiest method…

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I had the same problem when my hostname was mail.domain.tld. Renaming it to vps.domain.tld (or whatever) fixed it.

Perhaps the subdomains mail.domain.tld and webmail.domain.tld should be banned for use as hostname.


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