How to avoid redirect loading page on nagix + PHPfpm Based Server?

Os: Ubuntu 20.0
Panel: HestiaCP (Latest Version)
Scripts: NaginX, PHP-FPM, Multi-PHP and Others.

Due to Redirects it takes more time to get response from server. As a result it takes more time to get response on browse.

Redirect Example:
Then it redirects to
Then finally it reach

What i want to accomplish?
I want to make server response time faster and avoid extra redirects or minimize redirect time.

It there anyone who can help me with this issue?

don’t use in any links anywhere to start with. rather only use in the first place. the redirect(s) are only a fallback for the first time someone might enter this without s and www. so you are trying to optimize on a problem that isn’t there, unless you reference your assets wrong.

of course you can use a single rewrite instead of two, to always redirect to https://www. in the first place, but as said above, that’s in the end not what you should worry about. there is nothing more to optimize about a redirect to deal with “wrong” urls.

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