How to change admin control panel CSS

I just installed a Hestia control panel 1.4.2 on a new Hetzner Debian 10 server and logged in and changed the theme from dark to default. I then changed the admin user ssh access from nologin to bash. I then clicked Files, /usr/local/hestia/web/css/src/themes/default.css to open the file. I then changed line 166 to change the background color from #FFF to #EEF. I then saved the file. However, when I re-opened the file, the change I made was not shown.

How can I make changes on CSS files with the Hestia file manager?

Also is this the correct CSS file to change the appearance of the admin control panel when the theme is set for Default?

Changes made to the “standard” themes will get over written on upgrade. Also for the default theme we minify it for custom themes please check:

You can just add the changes that you need default.min.css is always loaded

Actually, a day or so ago, I tried creating a my_theme.css file and putting it in the custom folder as suggested on the page you linked to. This did put a my_theme option in with the other 4 options in Settings, Configure, Basic Settings, Appearance. I selected the my-theme option. But it did not change the appearance of the admin control panel. This was why I decided to try to alter the default.css file directly - which also did not work - as I explained above.

I also tried the command


using both an SSH and SFTP root user session. Both replied that the command was not valid.

I also tried turning off the server and turning it back on. There were no changes.

Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.

I finally solved the problem. In Settings, Configure, Basic Options and below the box Appearance, I just had to check the box “Set as Selected Theme for All Users” then click Save. Suddenly the custom theme was finally applied to both my Admin panel and User panels.

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