How to change the permission of a folder using file manager

Dear Friends,

Please help, I want to know, how to change the permission of a folder on hestiacp file manager and I am not able to see an option to change the permission.

I have this list of folders to change the permission to 777,

Appreciate your kind support, I am new to this, please give a detailed instructions.

Thank you

You can’t do it with Filegator at the moment


Please tell me how to do it using ssh terminal then…

I am using this command on the terminal but it’s giving me “no such file or directory” error.
2024-02-23_22-27-54 (2)

Something simple would be to use “mc”

apt-get install mc

I already have that on my server, I just want to know the proper file path to apply the CHMOD 777 command. I am getting an error of ‘no such file or directory’ which means I am not using the correct file path or address. Please help me with what is the correct file path as per the screenshot…
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You are missing username

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Also chmod 777 is a realy bad idea…

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Thanks bro, this solved my problem and now I know that to change the file permission in hestiacp I need SSH access instead of using GUI.

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