How to chose package every add new domain

we know that there some package, so my question is… how to put some domain on several package
first domain to package 1
second domain to package 2

Create new user for every domain. Package is linked to user and not an domain.

oh thks… as long as this time… some all my site still just in 1 user.
is this dangerous?
if yes I mean I have to break 1 domain = 1 user
once agaian thks very much for your suggestion …
i want to repair again …

It is not dangerous. You will be fine.

thks for advice mr @jlguerrero

It is not dangerous to put all domains under the same user, but mind the backup! To create the user’s backup, you will need to have twice as much space as the total of all domains.
Example: If your VPS has 50GB storage space and you have 10 domains of 2GB storage each, then the backup will fail (10domains X 2GB each = 20GB total. For this backup to succeed you will need at least 40GB free but you only have 50-20=30GB). If each domain is on a different user, then you only need 4GB free for each backup.

If your VPS does not have enough storage, then it might be better to split the domains to different users.

thks @Felix for your suggestion

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