How to clear Nginx cache for ONLY one website?

I am testing a VPS with Nginx fastcgi template installed and use on my WP site. But the problem is HestiaCP does not support Nginx-helper module. So, what is the solution to clear Nginx cache for a single website?

Clear all the server cache will clear Nginx cache of all websites on the server and that’s the problem.

If don’t have the solution then we can’t use the Nginx fastCGI model.

I see WordOPS script doing this very well, or you can see Nginx-ee here too GitHub - VirtuBox/nginx-ee: Automated Nginx compilation from sources with additional modules support. Compatible with WordOps, EasyEngine & Plesk

@eris Could you please take a look and give some hints?

Thanks for your support

Option one:

Compile: Nginx with ngx_cache_purge


How ever not actively supported

Option 2:

How ever requires api key and with that api key they hacker has admin access to the system if he break into Wordpress…

Option 3: Don’t do anything cache is refreshed after xx min by default

Option 3: Don’t do anything cache is refreshed after xx min by default

Can I have more information about Option 3?


After xx min, xx sec or days the cached files will get deleted and refreshed…


You can also:

Click the button the clear the cache

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Thanks, I will choose this option

For the cache, there are mainly two scenarios:

  1. high traffic websites in powerful machines . A 10 minute cache would suffice because all urls are visited frequently.

  2. very low traffic websites with mainly static content. The expiration of cache could be 1 month so when Google crawls it sees a fast-performing website.

How does the nginx cache template do with this?

Is it better to go with fastcgi cache?

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