How to connect a domain to a site on WIX?

Hello, I bought a domain on Hestia. Can you tell me how can I get the “authorization code”?

It feels like you’re on the wrong support site here, we do not sell any domains. Could you let us know the site, where you’ve bought that domain?

that is, I can’t get the authorization code from the Hestia site, but I can do it from the site where I bought the domain. Correctly?

As written, we do not sell any domains, we provide a web control panel software.

Can you share the link where you bought the domain from? Just curious how you landed here :).

Yes, contact the register / domain provider where you bought it from

probably the provider is using HestiaCP for their clients hosting self management, so sooner or later some customer might end up here :wink:

@dasha yes. you need to get in contact with your provider. eventually there is some kind of primary client/billing panel, where can you see your invoices and open tickets for support etc.

HestiaCP is not a provider, just the name of the software/control panel for managing your web hosting :slight_smile:

Thank you for your responses)
There is one more question. My WIX profile says that the domain is connected to the site, but when I search for www.***.com, the site doesn’t show up. Tell me, what’s the problem?
(unfortunately, I can’t write to the provider)

no idea. if you transferred the domain to wix already, then you need to ask their support.

for now it does not look like your domain has been transferred at all according to the whois.
and it seems to still point to some OVH ip address, which most likely is still your old provider…

please do not post you url/domain here unless asked for it, this is generally not a good idea in public forums (I edited your post).

best of luck getting this sorted, but we can’t help you with that, as that’s between you, your old provider and wix.

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Hello, can I somehow transfer the domain to Hestia, what would it be from the Hestia site to be able to connect the domain to the site? (sorry for stupid questions, all I have is a Hestia login and password, as well as the task of finding out if it is possible to connect a domain to the site through Hestia)

Hi Dasha, as I understand you bought your domainname at Wix and Hosting with someone who runs HestiaCP. You wrote that you can’t write that person/ provider… why not? If you pay him, you should be able to contact him as well…

Thanks for your reply)

  1. The client gave me the domain, I don’t know where he bought it (he doesn’t know himself). All I have is my Hestia username and password.

  2. I have no idea what kind of resource this Hestia is, and it doesn’t matter to me. All I’m wondering is, is it possible to connect a domain to a site through Hestia (via the DNS panel)? Yes or no? why is this not possible?

HestiaCP is an open source/free alternative for Cpanel / Directadmin. We don’t provide any services like Domain regristration / Webhosting.

Contact your Web hosting provider if you need any help with setting the domain.

it possible to connect a domain to a site through Hestia (via the DNS panel)? Yes or no

Yes but it depends on the Domain registrar / Webhosting provider how it is setup. That we don’t know how it is set up…

okay, so you do not own the domain nor the webhosting, but probably do some web design/development job for someone?

then this person is responsible for having the domain properly set up in the webhosting account he bought from third party (aka the provider).

this forum here has NOT any relationship to your client or his provider and with that simply also no knowledge about how things are set up or connected there.

the only connection here is that this third party uses HestiaCP which is a piece of software intended to administer servers and manage clients and their webpages. this software is free for everyone to use, but also self managed and again the responsibility and support obviously has to be done by the provider.

for the question at hand: if you are a regular user inside the control panel you can eventually add your domain there within the ‘web-domain’ menu.
however, this a) requires that the limits on your account allow for additional domains to be added at all,
and b) that domain has the correct nameservers set and it’s A records point towards the server IP.

this again probably are things you cannot change yourself (nor can’t we), the only way to get this set up correctly is to go through your client and his provider.
We can’t help you with that., because of the reasons pointed out above.

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