How to contribute with Translations

With the release of the first test version of 1.3.0 “alpha” we have decide to “drop” the current “php string based” format and switch over to Gettext Format.

To manage / allow “easier” quality control we have decided to use a “Glotpress” as software to manage. It allows us to manage, control and early import the translations into Github with out an issue and mean while keep control over the progress.

Website can be found on

How to register

Go to and enter your name and email adress and as last the key hestiacp

Project over view
When you are able to login you can go to the Project over view

On this page you are able to see the supported languages

Locale = Language used (We also support “different” sub languages for example “Chinese China and Chinese Taiwan”
% = Progress
Translated = Number of translated strings
Fuzzy = Strings that have been translated but “key” has been changed
Untranslated = No translation found
Waiting = Translation has been added but nut approved by use
Old = "Obsolete will be removed during “next” versions
Warnings = Are strings with a error. Most commonly longer than the should be or having a %s inside the string with out the key. Nothing to do about it.

In case you will need to use a Variable inside a translation. For example:
Hello Jaap,
Use Hello %s

Also some strings as have variable in there translations but not in the string… Check the English version if needed.

“Fuzzy” strings will happen wen we change / upload the master file and some strings have been changed.

Suggesting new translations

Click on the row you want to edit and update the translation string and the click on “Suggest new translation”

It will become yellow and it will show a different untranslated string
If you make a mistake please suggest a new translation.

How can check if I translated the text correct
With in every translation the source code linked with the exact location where the translocation is found.

Please take care of translations that are ALL_CAPS_WITH_UNDER_SCORES as the often mean some thing else due to missing context

“ACCOUNT_READY” is the email send when account is ready

How do I fix an error in a current translation.

Click on the string and suggest a new translation

How can I test the translations?
Until 1.3.0 has been released you need to make sure that you have at least 1.3.0~alpha or ~beta has been installed. instructions how to will follow at the forum

When 1.3.0~alpha or later is running you ca download .mo file by clicking on Export with the following

Select from filter

And then

Then upload downloaded file and upload it to your server and place it in


You don’t need to replace the .po file (Reference only)

How to convert .po to .mo file

Place the .po file in


And run the command
Located in


How do I import .po file?
Please create a pull request at GitHub. We are able to import the .po file in 5 seconds.

I have translations made in the old format can I still submit them?

Yes, Please create a pull request at GitHub we are able to convert the translation into a json file and import it at bulk

Can I create a new language?

Contact us via Discord or create a post down here… We will review the request and if necessary create the new locale.


Updated the information slightly

Thank you @Wibol @Ubi @OnlyHardOfficial @gabizz, wosjmol, myrevery for the contributions :heart:

I want to contribute to Turkish translation. No Turkish language on the list. :frowning:

Now it does…

Please create an account if you have any questions please ask them.
It will be a hell of a job. Some strings behave strange due to decisions in the past.

For example: ACCOUNT_READY is the email send to the user when an account is ready to use.

And “UNSUSPEND_USER_CONFIRMATION” Contains an %s as varibable.

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Turkish language translation is finished. It was a little tiring but it was worth it.

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Thank you will go trough them in the next few days

I just contributed with Portuguese translation and found an english misspeling (check image) image

Thanks issue has been fixed at Github and Glotpress

We are about to release 1.4. All changes made before Monday the 17th May 2021 will get included in 1.4 release. After that will probaly postphoned until 1.4.1 release

Can I ask to create a Slovak language?



It took me a while, but Slovak is finished. :innocent:


I want to contribute to Kurdish translation. No kurdish-sorani (CKB) language on the list.
Please add it.
Thanks so much

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I have deleted Hebrew and Armenian. It was at about 2 / 3% for the last year…

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Please also update:

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Hi, dear @eris
The kurdish(sorani) translated, please add to Hestia panel.
Thanks so much.