How to create a subdomain and add files to it

I am having Hestia running on Oracle Cloud Always Free Services. I want to host multiple websites with their subdomains. I mean that for example : is one site with a custom website. is another website with a different custom website. How is it possible. Please help.

Just create a new site for each, treat each sub-domain as an independent site.


for example I created But whenever I am trying to go to this website it says not available. I am new to this platform. Please help

Make sure the DNS records exists

do as @eris says and also place a website in the public-html directory

What all DNS records to add in cloudfare. I mean can you say it as becuase i am new in Hestia.

First you need to know the basics of hosting a website, search a bit and make some tryouts.

What I can give you as hints are:

For each site:

  • Make sure that the place where the domain was registered has the A record (DNS settings of the domain) pointing to the IP of the server where HestiaCP is installed

  • In HestiaCP, create the site with the desired domain, in your case, start with the

  • Place the files for your site inside the public-html directory, you can access it via FTP with the login details that you created for your user in HestiaCP, place them into the following directory: web/

  • Test the site in your browser, use the domain:

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