How to delete Hestia

Can anybody tell how to delete Hestia from my server completely ? Or reinstall it with default configuration from the scratch?

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Clean install of OS reinstalling with out format or removing is not supported

ok, I see.
But maybe you can help me to debug an error. I installed Hestia but I can’t get there, it returns 500 error. How can I check out where is the issue via ssh ?

cat /var/log/hestia/error.log
2021-10-13 07:44:26 v-list-web-domain  'admin' '' 'plain' [Error 3]
2021-10-13 07:44:26 v-list-web-domain  'admin' '' 'plain' [Error 3]
2021-10-13 07:44:26 v-add-web-domain  'admin' '' [Error 2]
2021-10-13 07:44:54 v-add-user-composer  'admin' [Error 4]
2021-10-13 07:45:09 v-add-user-composer  'admin' [Error 4]
2021-10-13 07:45:56 v-list-dns-records  'admin' '' [Error 3]
2021-10-13 07:46:12 v-list-dns-records  'admin' '' [Error 3]
2021-10-13 07:46:12 v-add-letsencrypt-domain  'admin' '' [Error 15]
2021-10-13 07:46:12 v-add-letsencrypt-host  [Error 19]


And it should install phpmailer…

There is no output after execution. What are the next steps?

No output should be fine if there was output there is an error.

Try now to login with the panel?

I can log in now, thanks you, you saved my life again!
Just curious, what was the issue ?

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