How to deploy an static html website in hestiacp

Hi, I’m a newbie. I can’t find my exact case in the various youtube tutorial that I’ve watched. I want to deploy a static html website using hestiacp. Any help would bee greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi @ronball,

Create a new web domain and then just upload your site to /home/YOURUSER/web/YOURDOMAIN/public_html/

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Does this require me to use a putty client to do it? Pardon me as I’m really new and still trying to get my feet wet.

You can use file manager included in Hestia to upload your files to public_html dir, or using some sftp client like WinSCP or Filezilla.

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so no need to use a putty client to log-in to my server…I’ll just type on my browser these:
https://www.server.ip address:8083 am I right?

Yes, but instead of your ip better use the hostname and then login as your user or as admin if you haven’t created a user yet

How can I create the below directory?

Hestia will create it for you when you add a new web domain.

I have an existing email marketing application like [email protected] (sample only) and the website also has the same domain name which is won’t there be any conflict as in they will be of the same domain name?

Sorry but I don’t understand what are you trying to do.

I have an existing EMA on my Contabo VPS server with an email of (sample only) [email protected]
But I also want to deploy my static html website on the same server hosted by Contabo. The website’s domain is also

The EMA has been running for 9mos now, and I only decided to put up a static html website just a few weeks ago.

I hope I was able to clear it. Can it be done?

I don’t know what EMA stands for but if it is only email, I see no problem to have your website in Hestia. Anyway, if EMA is using your domain to access some kind of panel control or similar to use/administer EMA then maybe you won’t be able to use your site in Hestia, but as I said, as I’ve no idea what EMA is or how you are using it I can’t say yes or no.

EMA is email marketing application, what i’m using is mailwizz it’s an email marketing application that allows you to send unlimited emails

My goal is since I already have a professional email address, I also want to have a website with the same domain like if apple has a website, It is just for them to have an email like [email protected]

My case is I already have a professional email address but I don’t have a website yet that is why I want to deploy my own website that is synonymous with my email’s domain name.

But you are using your own domain to access that EMA? If the answer is no, then yes, seems you could create your static site with Hestia.

I’ve been searching for weeks now, but seems I need to deploy my website somewhere else, and not on my Contabo hosting. Thank you very much for your responses, appreciate it

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My website is live now, but some of my websites images were missing, some were placed where they’re not supposed to be, texts were in disarray. So now, I downloaded XAMPP and is now working to fix my source codes to make the website appear how it’s supposed to look like…

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It looks like images have hard code url locations

With out an url it hard to know…