How to disable local mail deliverability when using external mail provider?


I have several users which using external email providers (, ovh…) when the website it’s hosted by hestiaCP
The MX DNS are set correctly and that work fine.

But not for the mails sent from the hestiacp server to it’s own domain, for exemple from a contact form.

Example :

How to solve nicely this issue ?

Delete email domain from hestia

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Do as @Ubi says

You can also check the SPF record

You may also connect your websites to your SMTP mail server so that emails are sent from the email server

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And that is the best practice, if you want the sent emails to have any chance to reach the inbox of the recipient. This is because most email providers reject non-authenticated emails, in an effort to combat spam. This can get pretty serious in situations of emails for password recovery emails and/or 2FA emails.

We have fixed this issue with 1.4.8 you can set up an smtp account for internal mail from Hestia

That is awesome!

I was looking in the Web UI for the SMTP account for internal Hestia mails, but instead I found it on the command line with the commands v-add-sys-smtp and v-delete-sys-smtp. Just putting that information here, which may help others looking for that.

You can also use:

Located in /usr/local/hestia/install/upgrade/manual/ folder

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