How to enable fastcgi cache? (newbie)

first of all, apologize for my english.

This is a beginner’s question, how to enable FastCGI Cache? i checked on nginx.conf, the configuration already exists.

But I checked on Google Chrome Inspect Element, it doesn’t say “HIT” status. Like in this tutorial:

In Proxy mode or Nginx fpm mode?

For Nginx + FPM wait until 1.4.0 release we. will add it then


Will that likely happen before the end of february?

Don’t know depends how fast the development for the last few features goes.

And then the extensive testing …

Currently planed for end of february or march - as always we do not provide any release date. We still provide hestia beside our 100% jobs so planing of a release date is mostly impossible. Also we prefer a stable release prior to the need of hotfix patching shortly after.

Everyone can help us as soon as they join for the Release Candidate testing, will be announced as always here in the forum aswell as on discord.

Wow nice, i will wait for that.

Thank you very much, that very helping for newbie!