How to enable FastCGI module on Nginx server?

Hi I was trying to enable FastCGI module. I have tried to follow this tutorial Configure Redis Object Cache & Nginx FastCGI Page Cache for WordPress on Ubuntu 20.04.
After configured and restart NGINX server I still not have the cache enable on my website. This is what I get

There is no FASTCGI :frowning:
Please help. Thanks for all replies in advanced.

We add fast cgi cache support build in in 1.4.0


How can I update? Is it available for update now?

When and how can I get build 1.4.0?

You can add fastcgi caching yourself, isn’t the biggest thing to add to nginx.
Just remember, you need to adjust the vhosts so you use the caching.

There are some tutorials on the web about installing nginx caching(fastcgi cache)

Other option is just to wait for 1.4.0 to be released, they are in beta so just a little patience :slight_smile:

And if you want it directly and do some custom stuff; Add fastcgi caching yourself :slight_smile:

True… Just use google it

For 1.4.0

I’m curious what is the caching expiration time :)?
Or is it possible we set the expiration time.

Currently in my current setup where I’ve added nginx caching myself, I’ve created multiple templates with different expiration times.
(Some clients prefer to have a update regarding cache)

Expiration is by default 10m but can be set by the user

Hi @eris please consider putting cache times longer than 365 days for static resources such as css files, js files, images…

Since it is a recommended practice in Google pagespeed insights

Fast CGI cache rules doesn’t apply for static files

for web vitals, almost everything it’s on web app level (web apps code), static cache lifetime as well. So webserver conf should not be touched.

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