How to enable MultiPHP

Guys, can anybody provide me with a description of MultiPHP and how it works? Can’t find it at documentation page.
I’d like to install php 7.2 and php 7.4 simultaneously but now I can see only 7.4 version in Web .

  • Can I modify existing Hestia installation to get MultiPHP support? Or I have to reinstall it with --multiphp yes key.
  • How should I install php 7.2 ? Are there any any kind of build-in tool inside Hestia to add php 7.2 ? Or I can use ordinary “apt install php7.2” ?

Thanks in advance.

The thing is that if you have not installed hestia with multiphp we don’t know how to activate it.

We won’t see the multiphp in the panel.

multiphp puts all versions. without multiphp installed, we will see what is shown in the pictures.

In older versions “multi php” would mean of different configuratios

After 1.2 and maybe even before multi-php does not mean anything accept a extra for loop that installs 5.6, 7,1 7,2 7,3, 7,4 and 8.0 on default.

As @chupa described his solution will work or run v-add-web-php with the version you need.

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Thank you guys for your help, I reinstalled Hestia to my VM and now I see all needed PHP versions.

You could have avoided all that with v-add-web-php

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