How to Enable SFTP Connection for User Account

Hi Everyone

Is there an explicit way to enable SFTP to users to allow them to connect securely? The current protocol for a user account is through FTP and then FileZilla prompts with a few SSL server options to select. Any Ideas will be appreciated…

Hello @Hussein

did you enable ftb connection for that account before try connect ? is port open too ?

For the default “user” you should be just able to select sftp in FileZilla settings

Yes, I opened 22, 21 and 12000-12100 in my Oracle account, but still I am unable to connect to the server.

I installed Discourse with Nginx template you added to the group, so I think the root cause of issue comes from this part.

I tried to select SFTP, but still I am unable to connect to the server, the error is

Status: Using username Hussein.
Error: Could not connect to server

Ports 21, 22 and 12000-12100 are open. The only way I can connect to the serve is by insecure FTP, which is not recommended.

One last thing, I just tried to upload a folder using FTP protocol with Use Explicit FTP Over TLS If Available encryption. It seems the process starts smoothly with (status: Server sent passive reply with unrouteable address. Using server address instead in FileZilla). The error in the post came when I’d tried to upload ZIP file, so I am wondering if Hestia FM supports zip files and extraction feature. However, still unclear to me why I couldn’t use SFTP directly at port 22?

Note: I see this error, but I am not sure how to fix it. After very lengthy timing of process, I haven’t found a guidance for this issue

Jul  6 21:08:51 talk sshd[5672]: Connection closed by authenticating user Hussein port 52571 [preauth]
Jul  6 21:08:58 talk sshd[5680]: Connection closed by authenticating user Hussein port 52572 [preauth]

If I use the root username and the ssh private key, it works find otherwise rejected.

I found the solution I put the domain name in the host name and set the Active Mode in FileZilla.

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