How to get around the use of SMTP port 25 in Hestia/Exim?

Trying to upload a new Hestia Server, I noticed that it is not sending emails. After testing and reading here on the forum (thank you), I saw that in my case it was Hetzner’s fault, which blocks SMTP port 25 for new Servers. I also read here on the forum (thank you) that it seems to make no difference trying to configure Exim / Hestia to use a port other than 25 for this communication… Is that right?
I have already asked for a release from Hetzner, but if they leave me waiting for 30 days (grace period), is there a temporary and free solution?
I wasn’t aware of this issue with port 25, I thought that the blocking of providers years ago had put an end to its use… Sorry for my lack of knowledge

As far as I know, Hetzner doesn’t block inbound connection to ports 25 and 465, it only blocks outbound connections to ports 25 and 465 so you should be able to receive mails on those ports.

I doubt they will unblock those ports if you have not paid your first bill.

Yes, you can configure Hestia to use an smtp relay (those smtp relays allow to use non standard mail ports like 2525, 443, etc. also Hetzner doesn’t block port 587 so you can use also this one when using a smtp relay), there are a few ones out there that offer x mails per day and/or month for free like smtp2go or Brevo.


Hello again @sahsanu, thanks for the responses. True, I forgot to mention that the reception of emails is OK :grin: the only issue is the sending. Okay, another learning opportunity :saluting_face:I will try to configure the SMTP relay as suggested. May the force always be with you. An excellent week :partying_face:

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Wait for a month or use SMTP2GO / Brevo / what ever

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Yes, Hetzner or any other VPS provider such as Akamai, Azure, etc does not block inbound port 25 or port 587 and I can receive email so long as I have a public IPV4 address. For sending email, the best practise is to use a smart host such as mailgun, mailchimp, or sparkpostmail. Or you can use the free Gmail SMTP.

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