How to implement a paid SSL certificate on a website in my panel?

Hello, I must implement an SSL certificate purchased on several websites, from the panel I do not see the option to load it, I suppose I must do it via command, in this case can you tell me the step by step to do it in this environment?
thank you

Look harder. It is there in the same location as the option to enable automatic Let’s Encrypt certificates. You can follow these directions on adding a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate, just be sure to use your certificate files instead of Cloudflare’s.

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I don’t see the process very clear, I already have the .cer file of the certificate compared to other methods where I simply have to upload it here, it is confusing.
What commands should I follow?
Or in what route should I load it? Any more specific example? .

I am trying to paste it in this path /home/webexample/conf/web/ but it is not working,

Edit your Web Domain from Hestia Web UI and select option Enable SSL for this domain, then you should copy and paste the contents of your certificate to SSL Certificate field. You should also have the private key so paste the contents of that file inside SSL Private Key field (WARNING: never share that key… ever) and if your Certificate provider uses an intermediate CA, then copy the contents of the CA’s certificate and paste it into SSL Certificate Authority / Intermediate field and then press button Save.

If it works as expected, edit again the web domain and if you want you can select the options Enable automatic HTTPS redirection and Enable Strict Transport Security (HSTS) and press Save button.

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