How to install an antivirus to scan all web directories for malicious files

I’m new on HestiaCP. I’ve used Cyberpanel and cPanel but I’ve found HestiaCP to be more simple and coupled with it being open-source allowing for customization.

I’ve been searching online on how I can get an antivirus program like imunifyAV which I use on my cyberpanel server (Ubuntu 20.04) that will enable me scan for malicious files.

My hestiaCP details:
Hestia Control Panel: v1.7.1
Operating System: Amazon 22.04 (x86_64)
RAM: 8Gb

I really need to be scanning all user websites weekly as I’ll be having over 50 sites on the server.

Clamav will do the trick if installed

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I just installed Maldet. Can it also ‘do the trick’ for me?