How to install own boght wildcard certificates?

Hi there!
I bought wildcard certificates for the domain from Comodo. I have 3 working Hestia Panels on different subdomains and different servers so I want to use own SSL certificates for them.
Where I can find information how to setup certificates for main panel? All of panels run on nginx proxy.

PS: I’ll tried to configure nginx from terminal over ssh, but hestia:port always show me “bad ssl” that was generated by installing - self-signed I mean.

Enter the data in


Oh thank you a lot.

1 of panels told me this … But 2 others accepted certificate. What I’m doing wrong? :smiley:

I get it. It need to set in Plugins -> Files -> Yes and SSL certificate will be accept.

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I think on that server no file manager is installed?

Just checked it is a bug in the save functionality when “editing server”. Please create a bug report and will look at it later on :slight_smile:

You where faster then me… How ever please still create a issue :slight_smile:

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Create a pull request for changes required.

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