How To install php extension

How to install these extensions

OpenSSL (PHP Extension)
Mysqli (PHP Extension)
cURL (PHP Extension)
GD (PHP Extension)
Mbstring (PHP Extension)
Zip (PHP Extension)
GZip (PHP Extension)
Exif (PHP Extension)
DOMDocument (PHP Extension)

apt-get install php-exstension

apt-get install php-gd

Should work

Mysqli is part of Mysql extensions (Should be installed by default)
php-gzip doesn’t exists
domdocument = php-xml
gzip = zlib


You need to install the specific extension for particular PHP version. so first identify which PHP version you are using, then do apt install php7.x-gd and so on

Is there a way in HestiaCP for installing PHP extensions without getting to the command prompt? Like some other Panels?
I am not a tech guy. I would like to install Ioncube loader and I want to see all the active extensions and inactive extensions.


Hestia is designed for “Sysadmins” or at least users with basic “Sysadmin” skills so no…


@VijayKumar sorry, but for now this is not possible and rather not planned for. you might put in a feature request, but I’d say this is something with a very low priority.

as @eris pointed out HestiaCP is not intended to be a tool for ‘not the tech guy’ :wink:
no offense meant, it’s just that the functionality we (as in the team and heavy users) want from it is rather different than what people generally might expect when thinking about ‘I need a panel’ …

Sorry for bumping this thread.

Some people here gave a good reason that Hestia was not intended for non techie.

However, the PHP selector has been a huge improvement and it was added, was it? Before, in vesta, you cannot do this unless installed by a tech guy.

Hopefully an interface for PHP extensions can be added.

Isnt added and will also not be added - installing an php extension take you 2 seconds on cli.

I would have to say and it’s only my opinion, that we were all non tech people once, and my belief when i first started designing and hosting websites was that i wanted to know the in’s and out’s of everything. I want to know the OS inside out, how csf and lfd work with my config, how i can tune the performance and then when i am confident in that I break everything so i can work out what i need to do to fix it, because in the event a popular site goes down, your ability to fix promptly is what keeps customers and if you cannot fix it in a timely manner thenyou should ask yourself if you really should be hosting in the first place.

And others have pointed out here that installing php extensions, or redis or memcached modsec etc is literally one command away (as well as a single google search) and again i go back to the point that if you are not willing to learn that then you should question wether self hosting sites if for you.

I get the xxx panel has this built in but what they also have built in is endless bloat and endless issues, i moved from Plesk, and talk about bloat and unexpected issues when updating, yes it had quick click boxes for modules but it did not have the performance of Hestia. So for me i take the lean panel here with the odd terminal entry over a bloated panel any day of the week.

And finally, the last few weeks i have been learning ethical hacking so i can pentest my own servers, im no Kali Master but i am getting there and it’s shockingly scary what can be done. So if you are going to host sites then terminal in my view is a necessity because you will need to test the hell out of your setup so you can put mitigations in place. If you are not prepared to do that then maybe Managed servers or shared hosting is best suited but you will still need to test test test


First thing we don’t want to become Cpanel. We think there is a market for a panel outside

  1. We don’t need it to have all the functions
  2. We don’t have the time for it
  3. I don’t want to have the crappy preformance from Cpanel

I think for reds / memcache it would be usefull to add support to it but we have other items on the to do list…

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