How to install PHP-FPM after the full installation of HestiaCP?

Good day!
The panel is already installed, but I would like to see php-fpm and PHP version selection.

I followed the standard setup via ssh, which is why I missed commands that would help me.

Forgive me. My English is very poor.

Hi Amney

Thanks for your post. Currently, there is no easy way to switch from apache2 to fpm. I would suggest to reinstall the system and do a fresh installation of hestia.

Hello, Scit.
I hear you.
and can I install a nginx + php-fpm + multiphp?

Yes you can do that, just have a look here:

Now this part is installed.
Additionally I can’t install php-fpm, overwrites, and the result is only a multiphp and nginx

How to roll on all this in addition php-fpm?

you mean installing php-fpm with multiphp?

I think so.
Although, perhaps, I simply what the not understand.

For what purpose do you want to install fpm with multiphp?

php-application runs on PHP version 5.6 to 7.2

What’s your progress now? Your multiphp installation unsuccessful?


Try to check at domain settings ==> Web Template. Is it empty?

Seems to work.
I was just confused by the lack of a process called php-fpm

I apologize for my poor English

Great it work. You don’t need to install both php-fpm with multiphp because multiphp already comes with fpm.

Now I understand everything in this matter. Thanks.

how to enable multiple php like this ?

  1. Add your domain name to Hestia
  2. Edit the domain name, under Apache/Nginx web templates, choose your preferred php version.

This is possible if apache+nginx is installed
and I’ve only got nginx+php-fpm