How to make name server using hestiacp

as long as this time, i am using cloudflare and so great… hestiacp is one of my favourite for VPS. but i want to try make nameserver by self.

when i buy server, i have chose one of my domain as my hostname. i give name, and this URL automatic be created as one of domain.

and then i turn on using cloudflare … but today i think i have to make nameserver using :

because cloudflare not supported all domain TLD like … … …
i need guide to do this … because i am failed to try, infact i have change IP address using my new server

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thks for direction… i want to try solve my problem… greatss hestiacp support i this forum. thks for ScIT

Dear @ScIT

As the guidance from recomended article :

  1. Create user dns-cluster on a server which will be used as dns slave
  2. Run following command on a master

v-add-remote-dns-host 8083 admin p4sw0rd

Password and host name should be replaced with relevant data of course.


  1. this command is written in root or spesific folder ?
  2. ==== > is can repalce like == … is it right ?
  3. about admin p4sw0rd === > this is using admin account (root) or can spesific user account ?

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