How To make SSL enable?

Really? :slight_smile:

Did you click already on edit domain?


yes i have…but still disable

Then THIS is what you need to give us: There is an error message… What’s your hestiacp version?

how to know , what version my server ? i still not update since install hestia one years ago… how to update this ?

apt update && apt upgrade, but if you run a server, you should also know how to maintain it. There are security issues on a regular base, not only in hestia, also for exim. You need to keep your server up to date! Please upgrade it and check again, if the issue still occures.

is it right ? how to know that my step has been succes ?

… honestly, no - you got a lot of error messages there …

You’re logged in with admin user, i suggest to use either sudo apt update && apt upgrade of it or login as root user.

Please be aware, that you need to have some basic knowledge to run a server on your own - otherwise we will get another ddos bot member easily. It’s not a problem to start learning linux and how to run it - but hestia, inlcuding its support channels like forum and/or discord arent build for this process, we expect you to already have such a knowledge:

yesss, sir, thks for suggestion…

dear sir, after i update and upgrade, the view like this

how the next step ?

is this Index.html ?? but i am not sure

You probably overwrote nginx.conf during the update please check:

YES SUCCESSFULLY to make SSL enable, but i am still confuse to solve writing ( Succes Your new web server is ready to use ),

As @eris already wrote, you’ve overwritten the default nginx.conf file, revert it according to the other thread and restart the nginx service.

my i know commnad to restart the nginx service ?

… systemctl restart nginx

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