How to manage my own Nameservers

Thanks for this guide. But I’m still not able to get this right.

Please see if this screenshot is right.
I’d really appreciate your kind guidance here.

Settings for the NS records

Settings for the A records. Please tell me what I’m doing wrong. Because my nameservers are still not propagating.

Should be

Also my experience it is extremely important to have at least 2 server available for secondary DNS. With out it it will only cause issue at a later time.

Thanks. So are you saying instead of inputting ns1, ns2 etc, I should simply input @ or ** ?

Please clarify.

Thanks for your kindness

Here’s what my records look like

NS records:

Should be
@ NS 14400
@ NS 14400

For example:

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Thanks. But these are exactly the first 2 records I have in my screenshot above

This screenshot shows
ns1 NS 144400. ip
ns2 NS 144400. ip

Should be removed

Thanks. I’ve deleted them and this is what I have now for nearly 30 minutes. But it isn’t working yet. and intodns are still pointing out issues with A records

@jlguerrero @eris please help me. I’m just stuck on here.

What is the domain name?

Do you think this will be resolved if I delete and recreate DNS zones afresh? This is driving me nuts.

root@dev:~# whois
WHOIS lookup for TORRENSIA.ML can temporarily not be answered. Please try again.
ERROR: domain not found:

Doesn’t exists

Thank you so much. I have now changed the domain and the new one is working very fine. I appreciate you kind assistance.

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