How to migrate from Webmin to Hestia?

Hello, I have 3 websire running in a VPS (ubuntu 22…) , with webmin/virtualmin panel.
I’m not a “linux guy” , and now I would like to migrate to Hestia, it seems a better firendly interface (stability…I don’t know :-/ )
Can be done automatically by the install of Hestia, or I need to unistall webmin/virtualmin, manually and do extra manual steps, manteining the same configuration of my websites ?


Hestia requires a clean server …

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wow. So no options.

create a fresh server, install hestia, migrate your content manualy.

Thanks. So after install a fresh server and Hestia, I need to upload the webs content/database and create them also in Hestia, change IP / DNS…and so on…right?
Not the easy I was immaging…but ok, thanks.

Yes that is the only method we don’t have any method importing webmin backups into Hestia

You can build a bash script to at least create the users, domains and DNS zones for you very quickly.

My scripts also install WordPress (database included) and prompts you for any email account you want to create too.

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