How to migrate vestacp to Hestiacp

Hi Guys!.
is it possible to migrate vestacp into Hesticap without any issue?

A migration for existing systems isnt possible due to the amount of changes we did. But you can start with a fresh system, install hestia and then restore the vesta backups without any issues.


Just to bring my problem into limelight: In my case, lot of problems came along with in that ball and were also restored.

I find the best to start to start with a newly installed fresh OS system, recreate all users, DBs, passwords and mail boxes manually. Only then, one could manually extract the tarball of backup and put public_html files in their directories.

With this method, old directories from old server will not be restored, file permissions, users, etc. everywhere will be created, where ever is necessary.

However, for many, a simple restore from vesta backup will do. The above method should be applied IF AND ONLY IF there is an extreme case and certain things do not function. One needs to do this with extreme caution and expertise.

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