How to mixim server hestiacp to be maximal performa

If On A Local Computer There Is A System To Delete Useless Files Such As Temp Files Or We Have A Defrag System To Organize Existing Files, So The Computer Becomes Faster. For The Hestiacp Server, Does The Server System Also Produce Garbage Files, Which We Need To Delete Regularly. The Core Of My Question Is Whether There Are Any Tips So That The Hestiacp Server Can Always Be In Maximum Performance, Like We Need To Delete Useless Files… Or Maybe We Need To Restart The Server Every Some Time.

Linux is not windows I really only reboot when the server os requires it … And then a lot of times I ignore it …

**eris@monitor**:**~**$ uptime
10:09:28 up 288 days, 21:50, 1 user, load average: 0.09, 0.11, 0.09

Mostly you have to restart on a kernel update only to execute the new kernel version.

There is a /tmp folder where the system will store temporary files. Which will be cleared on a restart off the server.

But like @eris says most users have no performance issues and let there servers run for months or even years without reboot.

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