How to monitor emails

hello, I have hestia on my server and everything works excellent, initially I could send emails without problem, but this month it seems that I can no longer send emails to administrators like hotmail or gmail, I suspect that some bot entered one of the sites and started sending mass emails as spam.

and recently disabled the mail option in php (thanks to you guys who mentioned it).

but currently I don’t see a way to monitor which emails go out in general, I would like you to help me indicating if there is a way to see it or what tool can help me in this case (I already investigated but the information is confusing).

And if there are any other observations to prevent bots from using my hestia sites to do these bad postings, please let me know.

I await instructions, thanks

Additionally, if you can tell me how to solve the blocking of gmail and hotmail, it would be of great help. The DNS issue has all the records. I attach the records of the web page of the case.

probaly check some blacklist services like, but email delivery is always complicated - gmail/hotmail/outlook sometimes sends your email still to spam, even when you’ve long trusted, clean and valid ips. A main reason I gave up own hosted mail services.


Gmail but mostly Microsoft are big pain in the behinds… I’d recommend using a SMTP relay (which is build right into HestiaCP) f.e. SMTP2GO works great (and they have a free tier with a max of 1000 e-mails).

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Hello, thanks for your help, one last question, how do I block the smtp port?

Is there already a tool in hestia for this?

(I know I can run this command, sudo ufw deny 25/tcp but I have to install ufw)

use iptables or the firewall tab in server settings.

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Hi thanks
I have a question, implement a remote drive “buckets” on the server, the idea was to add it as an additional path to the backup option, but I see that there is a method called “Backblaze”
and it asks me for “Bucket”, “Key ID”, “Application Key”, it makes me understand that it would work if I pass it the data from my remote bucket, is that option designed for that? (it would be great if it is already implemented)

(Does it mean that the backups will be done on the server and additional backups will also be done in the correct “buckets”?)

Is this my provider, if applicable for that option?

We currently only support Blackblaze if you want to add other provider you have to submit a PR

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