How to open main ssh?

Hello, everyone!
I’m a newbie. I apologize in advance if I haven’t already found a ready answer to my question. I searched, but couldn’t find it.

Can you give me a hint, please?
I install hesticp. I open a terminal, connect via SSH. And I see of me only root with 2 files (, and 1 folder (hst_install_backups).

I want to open a main folder or open the etc, boot, dev, mnt, opt or other folder, how can I do this from the terminal?

I just think you skipped Please read this, before you start!

Dont understand it wrong, but your question is out of the scope of hestia, we expect that you know how to use a shell command (for example ls -ll / to list all root directories).

I would suggest to start working on your basics, like setup a webserver on your own, install nginx or apache2, manualy configure it and get it to work. If you can do that, you should have also already got the most needed basicy to work with hestia.


Thanks for the reply!
I read the post, and I’m still learning the commands, but I’m not a professional :sweat_smile:

It turns out that this “cd /” :joy:

Thank you so much for your work.


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