How to properly install domain name and wordpress site?

I am using an Oracle VPS, and added Hestia to it with the intention of installing a wordpress website. Following this tutorial:, I added what I think are the right DNS records to my domain name (Hosted with Namecheap) and added the domain name. However, when I enabled all the options under SSH, as was in the tutorial, it just threw the following error: Error: Let’s Encrypt finalize bad status 403 ( I then continued without the top option (The Lets Encrypt option) which then let me add the domain, although the SSL circle on the web menu remailed red. At this point, when i went on the website ( it just showed “Success! Your new web server is ready to use”, even on the webmail subdomain. I then proceeded with the quick install app of wordpress, which then supposedly worked, and was installed correctly. However, when I go on my domain name, it still shows: Success! Your new web server is ready to use, and when I go on the /wp-admin/ site it shows: Page Not Found Oops! We couldn’t find the page that you’re looking for. Please check the address and try again.

It is probably assigned to the wrong ip adress…

I dont think so… how would I fix that? I mean like seriously the website works just says my webserver is working.

I dont think it is.

“webserver is working” doesnt mean that the site is working. Problay there is something wrong with the configs, as it does not load the “website”, it just loads the default server page - like you “just” access the ip. The default website is different and contains the domain name aswell.

Just because something is free, doesnt mean it is the right solution for everyone. With hestia we target people with an existing sysadmin knowledge, you’ll find more informations and explanations here: Please read this, before you start!

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Check in Hestia → Web what the ip is

And login via ssh

curl -4

And the ip should match…

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It doesnt.

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