How to Redirect to File Manager

Good day,

How can i redirect to file manager via API

Thank you

Hi @abraham,

Could you please explain in detail what you want to do?

Hey @sahsanu, we have created a custom design for a portal and we use api to do everything, we want to allow users to login into the filemanager, when i redirect my client to it show This page isn’t working.

How can i let my client login into the file manager via API

I’ve no idea whether it would be possible to do that without modifying Hestia.

Thank you i have do idea where to start

Install Filegator own website and check as it runs over sftp you should be able to create an sftp key and store it locally…

Then figure it out how to get it working…

If you want me to investigate it will be 100 dollar / hour…

Thank you but let us try if we fail we will contact you.