How to Remove Unnecessary Module + one Question

Hi Guys,
i am new here and new with hestiacp.
i have some questions

  1. if i don’t need dns management and email management (and all related module) in my server
    how to safe remove them from hestiacp?

  2. i want to clone my wp site to subfolder or subdomain each time that some trigger fire.
    is there any api or any other way that i can do it in hestiacp?


Currently there is no way to remove them after installation, you can install/configure them on install:

Should be possible, the api docs are here:

Hi, Thanks for the info.
as for the api.
i can see that i can create subdomain and new db.
but how i can “clone” all the wp files to new subfolder or subdomain?


  • WP-CLI export database
  • bash script copy or move all files or even zip & unzip + scp/rsync if you want to move your WP
  • then edit wp-config.php to match the new database parameters
  • then WP-CLI import database

You can also vote for an official wp migration tool for hestia in github.

I dont think that we have enough tine for it, but we’re open for any pull requests :slight_smile:.

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This can be done via command line without any issues.

If you want to use the same code base for an subdomain check out aliases and WP MU

i now playing with WP CLI. Thanks

WP MU not feet my needs. by thanks for suggestion.
as for the command line, i am looking for automation solution using php.
i have little experience with bash.

For sure I will share with you my scripts when I have finished them. And then you will realize my shitty skills. If I have not made a pull request yet is because my lack of ability not because of laziness.

Does this mean that after a custom installation and I would like to install exim, I would need to re-install the panel to install exim or is there a way to add it after install?

You could check the related installer file and go trough the steps manually. If you know what you’re doing, you can try it, if not - reinstallation would be the better way. You can also use the backup function to quickly migrate your services.

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Yes or do it manual we are working on a system that can do it without issues but hasn’t been completed yet.

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