How to run .sh in my hestia crom job manager

Hello, greetings to all.

To consult, how can I correctly configure a crom that executes my .sh file in the hestia control,
I’ve tried it but it doesn’t work, can you tell me which is the correct way.

the .sh executes a task that consists of copying and pasting data.

I remain attentive, thank you

That should work, although I’m guessing you might not want to run any task once a minute. I’ll assume that’s for debugging purposes.

So I’m assuming that the script runs OK when you run it as a normal user, but not when you run it under cron. This is usually due to different environment variables ‘env’ in the two situations.
One thing you can try which will fix a lot of problems is to put the full path to every executable you mention in the script. eg. if you used ‘restic backup’ in your script, you should specify it with /usr/local/bin/restic backup
Go through the script and put the full paths in.
If that doesn’t fix it, I’d try logging the output of the script to a file to see what errors you can see.
/home/admin/web/domain/private/ > /home/admin/web/domain/private/script.log
for example.

bash will not work as the path variable is not loaded


Will work if the has the execute permissions

Thanks, I will try to change the routes and I will tell you if it is resolved