How to set install options only slave DNS server

How to set install options only slave DNS server.

Only DNS is really enough.
How slim can I go?

Nginx, bind and fail2ban. You may only connect via SSH .

I have a 0.5 vcpu 512mb ram with a DNS cluster in it


And iptables …

I installed. But…

DNS Management / DNS server of docs.hestiacp.

  1. Run following command on a master
    v-add-remote-dns-host 8083 admin p4sw0rd

Error: api connection to failed

Did I have to install the API as well?
If so, please tell me how to install the API afterwards.

Sorry. I made a mistake with the Firewall setting.

Please use:

Make sure the settings is set up like:

And provide your ip address of your main server,

same timing.

Thank you.

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