How to set to use only "WWW" instead of "non-www"

How to set to use only “WWW” instead of “non-www”
No matter how I set it, it will automatically generate a non-www+alias www
please help me
Thank you

Using www.domain.tld only doesnt make realy sense, you can add domain.tld and then set an auto redirect to www.domain.tld.


My non-www is on other services and cannot be used to point to
If I set up non-www & www, will there be no way to enable SSL
Can you help me?
Thank you very much


I used the following code which effectively created the www domain
But when I generate SSL, I get this error “Error: SSL is not enabled”
I tested other urls and it is normal, how can I fix it?

Thank you very much

v-add-web-domain jaap
v-change-web-domain-name jaap
# Adds by default as alias for
v-delete-web-domain-alias jaap
v-add-web-domain jaap

It doesn’t work as it still missing some required changes as we didn’t see it was needed. As it has so little usage and the duplicated domains checks depends on the being present…

I understand

Can you tell me how to restore and delete the www domain?
I use the general removal method and it will show that this DOMAIN cannot be found
I removed the folder and the NGINX and APACHE settings, but I still see this DOMAIN in Hestiacp?



i found it