How to set up subdomains?

How exactly do I use a subdomain?

i.e. I’m trying to run an install.php script via browser.

I found the URL at: domain.tld/gnu-social/public/install.php
But, it’s meant to be social.domain.tld/public/install.php

thinking aloud:
So, it looks like it’s in a directory.

I’m not sure I want this as subdomains provide a little extra flexibility. Most projects suggest installing with a subdomain. DNS is already set up in “that other panel” with the (name)server provider to point to this server.

Also, not sure exactly how external media will be handled in GNU Social v3 and I may want federated user content to be hosted on Wasabi or another similar object storage service. Not sure if I’d be able to do that if it’s in a dir but, probably?

On the other hand, having it in a dir might be a smoother user experience. Thinking pinned tabs here mainly.

You can add an new web domain with the name social.domain.tld

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