How to setup email notification

I am new to Hestia, after installation I didn’t get email notification, so I think I need to do some email notification setup but I didn’t find anything in official documentation.
After installions (hostname: I create a normal user and add some domain and add mail domains.
Like: domain & mail domain: I also add global SMTP relay, but I didn’t add any mail domain in admin, I only add mail domain in an another normal user.
Atlast I didn’t get any email notification,
I know I miss lot of things to set regarding to get email notifications but I didn’t know what to do,
If I get some kind of document or some help it will really be greatful to me please some one give me solution or provide some setup documentation regarding to get email notification.
Please note: my normal email server work perfectly I am able to send and receive emails to my hestia mail account ([email protected])

Check your spams! You need to configurate the mail domains etc to recieve the emails.

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Yes I I check spam, junk, promotional, newsletter every section of my email I didn’t get any Hestia notification mail.

Yes but I don’t know what and where I need to configure. I create a mail domain and email account in normal user (not admin) and that email account working fine, I also set global SMTP relay in admin account.
Did I also need to set mail domain & account in “admin” too? Or mail domain in normal user is enough?
Also did I need to do something else?
Please guide me sir.

You need to add mail domain on admin if you are using a hostname on admin user.
Ill try to come back later with the steps

I add a mail domain & email account in admin account, and it’s working fine.
But I don’t know that I will get any update email notification or not. Did I need to wait for next update or there any way I check it right now. And one more thing I will get update notification on which mail, the email I put in my admin user profile?.

Yes and Yes!

You can always add a mail account and fill the field Email login credentials to, add an additional ftp account and fill the field Send FTP credentials to email, etc. or you can use this command from command line:

echo "This is the body" | /usr/local/hestia/web/inc/mail-wrapper.php -s "The subject" [email protected]

Note: in this example [email protected] is the to/recipient mail address.

Thanks for help everyone @Blats and @sahsanu , you solve my problem.
Again thanks for all your kindness. :slight_smile: