How to setup Mail?

Hi, at Vesta I never could make mail to work, but with Hestia it partially does, it received messages but not send it. I’m not a server administrator and I need a tutorial to check if I’m doing it right. I didn’t find on documentation or here. Someone can help?

Email is a big subject on its own and you’re gonna need lots of reading and tinkering until you get it right.

You also need to be more descriptive. Just state the facts (e.g. I’m using the webmail, I can login, I can see incoming, but when I try to send I get the XXX error). The statement “It doesn’t work” in IT related business, provides no useful information :frowning:

You could start looking for errors inside the exim log file at /var/log/exim4/mainlog. It would also be a good idea to tell us the install string you used to install Hestia.

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Maybe your provider has blocked port 25?

:disappointed_relieved: ok so, i’ll not try again, i’ve read a lot when installing Vesta and never worked. thanks anyway

Hestia will provide working mail, but also as described in our intro post (Please read this, before you start!), hestia is not a sysadmin replacement and cant provide then knowledge for you :slight_smile:.

@Felix Thanks for the detailed and correct answer!