How to update the cache of a web page

Hi how are things.

I have a problem with a website, with some images, I have the path with, that’s what it says in the file uploaded to the website, however when inspecting elements the URL comes out as I have it in local /10-Huellas/huellas-Online/public/img/filetes.jpg.

I have reset the browser cookies and updated the web several times and the images still do not appear.

What can I do to solve this problem?

Clear cache of the browser.

If fastcgi cache is used you can purge it via

Sorry, I’m not very expert.

To clear the cache I must execute each of the lines that are in the github

Run the command v-purge-nginx-cache

Replacement USER DOMAIN by
I get: Usage: v-purge-nginx-cache USER DOMAIN

Please help

You need to supply username +

Does not update,
For instance :
I have the site in local 10-Footprints / footprints_Online / public / img / filetes.jpg

And on the server I have:

in the file index.php /public/img/filetes.jpg

When inspecting with chrome on the web, I still get 0-Footprints / Footprints_Online / public / img / filetes.jpg

If in the inspector I delete the above and leave it like this: /public/img/filetes.jpg you see the image

I already cleared the cache and it doesn’t change, which could be, I need help please

With out any more information I have no idea…

Thanks I already solved it, it was not that of the cache, it was the distribution of the directories, I had a public directory and within the css js and img, I removed those directories for the root and I deleted the public directory and it was solved, thank you very much and sorry for the disturbances