How to use DNSSEC

Is there any manual or information on where or how they generate the keys for dnssec in hetiacp in Ubuntu 22?
I want to be able to use dnssec on my domains but I see how to generate the data.

note: my servers are configured to a single DNS cluster


Have a look at the docs, it should explain all: DNS clusters and DNSSEC | Hestia Control Panel

Where do I find this option in the panel?

If the option is not available then it might be not supported by OS or not setup correctly

I have installed:
Hestia Control Panel v1.8.7
Ubuntu 22.04 (x86_64)

dnssec-validation auto;

Do I have to do some configuration to activate it?


The link you sent me is the manual that I am following but I do not have the DNSSEC option in my Hestia panel

Are you sure in hestia.conf DNS_CLUSTER_SYSTEM is changed to Hestia-zone?


Finally I was able to implement it successfully, I had the file /etc/bind/named.conf.options
with incorrect configuration.

It’s already working.