How to use sieve with SNAPPYMAIL?

I switched from rainloop to snappymail. Everything worked in rainloop. I modified /etc/snappymail/data/data/default/domains/default.ini according to the instructions.
I tried reinstalling it with the command /usr/local/hestia/install/upgrade/manual/

I looked for it in the advanced interface menu\admin_3453534 and there is nothing there either.

The interesting thing is that the rules work. I just can’t add new ones. There is no interface in the settings

Should do the trick

As I wrote above I tried the methods mentioned in the article. It doesn’t seem to work for me.


Like I said I tried reinstalling it manually. Before that I switched from Rainloop (when I turn it on everything works). But I would like to see it work on Snappymail

Ok i found it
You need to include them in THIS place as well
This is a admin mode for snappymail

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