How to use Zoho Mail in Hestia

Hi guys, I recently connected my domain to Zoho mail and added Zoho records to my DNS and now I’m able to send email from using my domain name ([email protected]) but I have problem receiving emails on my zoho inbox.

When emails are sent to [email protected] I can only see it when I login to my site’s webmail and not the zoho mail.

I added the appropriate zoho MX records, DKIM, and SPF. Please what do I do to receive emails on my zohomail inbox?

Just add the DNS records to your Domain

After read this Statement I make some assumptions about your problem “I think you created a mail domain in hestiacp and a mail account too in hestiacp ([email protected]) and also create a Zoho mail account with same domain and account name ([email protected]) because you say you can see mails in webmail and it’s only happen when you create mail domain in hestiacp” maybe I am wrong please tell me if it is.
That’s why there are 2 types of MX record created in your DNS records 1 for your hestiacp mail domain 2nd for Zoho mail.
For some reason your hestiacp mx record get more priority compare to Zoho mail MX records that’s why all incoming mails come to your hestiacp mail domain account and doesn’t go to Zoho mail domain account.
But you can able to send mail because you put every records given by Zoho mail as it is in your DNS records.
If my assumption is correct then please delete hestiacp mail account and mail domain form Hestia panel and keep only Zoho mail account active.
But if I am wrong then forget this message.

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