HOWTO: Instructions Autoconfig (Thunderbird) + Autodiscover (Outlook)

Does anyone need instructions on how to set up Autoconfig (Thunderbird) and Autodiscover (Outlook) for the automatic configuration of the e-mail clients?

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That could be very interesting

It´s easy. I have an example configuration that can be adopted 1:1. All you have to do is adjust your domain.


Step 1:
Create a A and/or AAAA record for “autoconfig” and “autodiscover” , TTL = 3600 , “your-ip” at your DNS Server / registrar.

Step 2:
Switch to the Hestia Control Panel and create 2 new domains (with DNS-support):

Replace “” with your domain name.
You should do this step for every domain you are using.
In theory, you could also create a global configuration.

Step 3:
As soon as your new websites are available, activate Letsencrypt / SSL.

Step 4:
For Outlook you need the following path:

For Thunderbid the path is:

The %username% varies depending on the configuration.

Step 5:
Download sample configuration:
1.6 KB file on MEGA

Maybe Eris or scIT want to put them here on the server?
Feedback requested.

Step 6:
Copy the sample files into the appropriate subdirectory.

Step 7:
Exchange your domain name in the XML files. The “.htaccess” remains unprocessed. This is only required to take over your email and password when you enter it.

Step 8:
!!! Important!!! For Outlook only! The setup must be done via the control panel. (Mail - Microsoft Outlook or Mail - Microsoft Outlook (32-bit))

Best regards and have fun implementing the configuration.


P.S .: Tested with Thunderbird, Outlook (2016, 2019, O365)


Please use Github or so to share code. It is ad free and don’t require sketchy sites.

It is not hard to add support for it if we want. But I am not a fan for enabling it on default. It is allready hard for users to create webmail and

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Just enable it if mail is activated.

@TomTDooley does it work with self-signed certificates? The idea is to get it working even if let’s encrypt is not working yet.

Even that not not all user want it to have it enabled…

No it will not working as it requires a valid certificate…

Does it make sense to use the machine’s hostname instead of the mail domains? That would make easier to have the SSL certificate since the machine already has one?

Bear in mind that the web server could be in a different machine.

No as autodiscover / autoconfig doesn’t exists by default… Still need to be created…

Unless we could filter those requests and serve the files from a different location without the need to create the web hosting for that purpose.

If it makes sense. I don’t know if that is too complicated.

It’s a lot of time to manage the clients and get them to use their email right. This feature should be part of the core email setup.

How much would it cost to develop this feature if you decided to have it Hestia?

Hello you two. My guide is like any other guide. One needs it, the other doesn’t. It is therefore only an aid. Exactly how one activates functions on his server or not.

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@TomTDooley Do you have updated documentation on this.
This will be very helpful as most of my users end up getting auto banned with the fail2ban service because they put in the wrong server info. Unfortunately this is all too common and this will def solve it.

@TomTDooley The link worked this time, i’m not sure why the mega link would not work before. but anyhow I followed your instructions and it worked great on Thunderbird, is there a way to get auto configuration on the Apple iPhone mail client as well?

Hi Johnny, sorry for the late reply. I checked the link to MEGA. The download should work fine. Screenshot attached. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how Apple Mail works. I use a different product to check my emails.