HSTS Header source file?

Where is the file located in a setup Ubuntu servers directory structure for the file used to create the HTST header file when you select add HTST header? I would like to make a change to it so it will survive rebuilding. I do know a Hestia update will require changing it again but that is less often.

I’ve looked and looked but I just can’t find it. Thank you.

Hi @djav1985

Basicly this will be included from the following line:

So this is the file you search: /home/user/conf/web/domain.tld/nginx.hsts.conf

But maybe you could do also something like /home/user/conf/web/domain.tld/nginx.hsts.conf_custom, basicly it should be included aswell, but probaly needs some testing (hsts flag needs to be turned off).