Htaccess password phpmyadmin

I’m running a single site on HestiaCP and I want to htaccess password the phpmyadmin part.
hestiacp.mydomain.tld/phpmyadmin is the default location - this is the one I want to htaccess password proted?

I’ve search on vestacp site but topics there were outdated. Any help would be appreciated.

Since I have posted this, I’m still searching further - using possible key phrases.

What I want to achieve: When I access hestiacp.mydomain.tld/phpmyadmin - I want to be prompted with username/password combination first. After successful login, the phpmyadmin login page should appear/open.

Is this even practical to implement as an additional security measure?

simply depends on your setup. first you would need apache2 in general, to be able to use .htaccess at all, as nginx simply does not care for that file or works that way.

so what you want to do is check, what you have installed and which webserver is responsible for serving phpmyadmin under your domain. then you would also find the correct folder phpmyadmin resides in and either add a .htacces to that (for apache) or add some custom rules on the location to the related nginx config.

no offense meant, but please keep in mind, that we expect you to be able to handle such server management tasks on your own, so we won’t spoonfed you :wink:

it’s not really hestia/vesta related after all…

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