.htaccess RewriteRule doesn't work if URL matching an exists file

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^(lib/images/image_exists.png)$ convert_webp.php?file=$1
# this not works, printing original image

# this is works, showing PHP script output

I tested on localhost(xampp) and another servers, and it’s works. But when I test on HestiaCP, it’s not works. What is problem? I think problem is NGINX proxy but I don’t know how it’s working. Can someone say a solution?

Nginx takes priority over apache2 for static files listed in:

Adjust a template (create a new Nginx template) or remove jpg, jpeg, png and gif from the Proxy extensions

Thank you very much, it’s works :slight_smile: Do HestiaCP have any donation method except Paypal and cryptocurrencies? My country has been blocked Paypal.

No, they are currently no other ways than crypto or paypal.

@ScIT I have some amount Litecoin. If you can add a option Litecoin, would be awesome.

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