Hybrid mail dilema

I am currently looking at a hybrid mail service, to optimize incoming and outgoing mail by integrating Cloudflare’s email routing with HestiaCP and external smtp relay services.

The objective is to leverage Cloudflare’s mail routing capabilities into one centralized mail account, to be managed by means of aliasing(or identities), via relay, to maximize deliverability.

The main issue I encountered however, is where HestiaCP calls for the domain and user accounts for alias sending, thus leading to routing conflicts with Cloudflare and the mailboxes on HestiaCP’s server.

And so I was wondering if anyone could come-up with a way to accomplish my objective without having to contend with such conflicts?

Hestia has allready a catch all support so all emails arrive in 1 mailbox.

No reason to use Cloudflare mail for it it only adds complexity.

Never played to get Hestia working with Cloudfare for mail routing… So I have no idea…

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Cloudflare Email Routing is nothing more than an email forwarding service. Email forwarding was already becoming impractical years before Cloudflare even began beta testing their Email Routing service. There are a small set of conditions where such a service can be useful, but only for people who don’t have access to their own domain email. It is a horrible solution for most use cases and should be avoided without a clearly articulable reason that has been thoroughly tested for suitability.

I’m generally quite supportive of leveraging Cloudflare, but not with this product. There is no benefit to using it with HestiaCP, only shortcomings.

Hi and thanks for the ongoing suggestions and responses - I do appreciate the help

I might have taken a bit more time in explaining the constraints of this project, in-that I am currently exploring the possibilities of replacing a mailcow configuration, and that I do not have the ability to change the existing setup at this time.

That said, and while I realize mailcow comes with far more advanced email routing features, I hoped HestiaCP might provide the basic requirements to carry-over the existing email setup - though I’m thinking that may be too tall an order for a web panel service, and that it would be better to keep things on mailcow at this time.

PS. this project was driven by the need to combine two servers into a single service