I always get Kernel error when installing Hestia, how can I proceed?

Hi, I always installed Hestia control panel for three times and always got this kernel error.
I don’t know how to handle this, I simply presss Enter.
Probabaly because I am using forced installation, Hestia can be installed, but I am not sure if pressing Enter is the correct way.
This time I took the screenshot.
Thanks for your help.

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Both photos that you shared explain themselves rather clearly in plain English. Neither contains any reference to a kernel error.

The first screen tells you to reboot your server to load the new kernel that you just installed because it isn’t going to reboot itself.

The second screen asks if you want to restart any of the running services. It asks because they are using files that have been replaced during the upgrade you just ran.

For the first screenshot, it is okay to just press Enter?
Or should I do something else?

Yes but you still need to reboot the server …

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Thanks for suggestion.